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1st of all I want to apologize for not posting anything in a while i was busy with my studies.

My next video review is going be about Naruto and it will going to publish it next year and yes I will start making videos instead of blog posts.

2014 had (at lest for me) 2 major themes.So let's start it the kinda sad one. The endings 2014 brought for me finality with some series ending and with some awesome people dying.

Thank God that this ended.
The long lasting series coming might not be as bad from some perspectives but we've also lost some pretty awesome ,funny and talented people this year and it makes me sad just thinking about it.

So a moment of silence for people who won't be joining us in 2015
Okay moving on to more fun things and the second theme for me beginnings.
Like for instance all of the super hero tv shows that have appeared.
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And come to think of it this has been a great year for superheroes.Marvel dominated with Captain America Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy while DC just made straight to DVD movies adapting comic book story lines while also setting up the Arrow spin off  Flash and also making Gotham and Constantine.I've seen news about IZombie,Hourman,Krypton and a Supergirl tv series in the works.

So DC is clearly dominating the small screen maybe they will do a reverse Marvel starting small then doing a big movie with character from the movies and the tv shows.
Strangely enough I've haven't heard anything from the competition like Image or Top Cow and they have some really interesting and complex heroes that they could adapt.
Same goes for you Dark Horse.
You and Image need to step up so you won't get left behind.

Especially you Dark Horse since you lost the Star Wars comic rights oh and speaking of the things that we've lost the expanded universe is non-canon (Except for the movies,the Clone Wars cartoons,the Rebels cartoon and the Ewoks movies) now so thanks Episode VII The Force Awakens.Hey at lest you're going be awesome ?

Oh boy this freaking lightsaber has started some many fights and edits that there's nothing more to say.But here I go the new guard is unsafe you might hurt yourself with it.

An argument pro-guard is that it protects the hand witch might be true if he strikes from above but if he does that from bellow you're screwed.Also if you want to add a guard made it from a lightsaber resistant metal those exist in the expanded universe witch is now non-canon.
One final thing that I can say about this new lightsaber is that this is a weapon for the SITH.
Can't wait for this!!!

So this was 2014 mostly good stuff with bad and sad things.

Overall a pretty awesome year for fiction we saw the return of the King of Monsters , the hobbit returned from his quest some tiles where changed adapted from mangas ,the fight for future in the past and we've got stuff that we've expected only more of it.

Can't wait for 2015 hopefully you will hear then.

Oh yeah the Nerd made his movie and it was awesome.

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