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Eureka Seven AO Ep01 Review


Eureka Seven AO: Astral Ocean Ep01 Born Slippy Review

The original Eureka Seven is a classic to me manly because i watched it after seeing the clusterf****k that is The End of Evangelion and Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death &and Rebirth those movies suck major ass and after watching those Eureka Seven was like a can fresh air to my mind ,i love everything about the series the characters ,the world ,the mechs and the story.
the logo of the original series
the crew of Gekkostate
the awesome crew of Gekkostate thank for the ride you guys you are awesome
 And when i heard that a new series was going to be made and in canon with the original series i was so excited and then i got busy and only recently i've got watch some episodes (English dubbed done by Funimation Entertainment :) )
BTW  the same  thing happened with Aquarion Evol but the connection with the original isn't as strong as with this one .

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Now to the episode at hand.

It does well what all 1st episode do: set up the world,the characters and the conflict.
While we aren't the full nature of the conflict  we are introduced to our main character Ao Fukai who is 13 years of age witch is 

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ops spoilers so i won't tell you ;) but if you've the opening of the show you can queses who he is.
Ao in his flying car
He is the adopted son of the island's doctor and he is a foreigner to the inhabitants of the island, why do mention this? well... because the episode keeps reminding me. And because he is "foreigner" he isn't liked very much he has only 1 friend witch is Naru Arata she is also 13 of age and she has a breathing problem.
I don't know what to say about her, she doesn't play a large role in the 1st episode she is there to give us exposition and she insults Ao so yeah.  

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There are some guys that transport something for the military okay they are smugglers and they do something stupid and them Ao causes an accident and then  Ao takes a piece of the military gear and runs nice our hero.   
The smugglers from right to left: Gazelle,Pippo and Han Juno 
And their contribution to the 1st episode is losing a piece of military equipment well done guys

Then a Scub Coral  from the original series appears and we are told that a G-Monster  will follow he will get an explanation for the G-Monsters later in the series but our characters can do only one thing 
Run run
that's right runaway. 

This kinda looks like an  Seven Swell from the original series
So the next day the monster attacks the island and our main character/hero tries to stay alive and he a nice moment where some people try to help but they kinda die.

Don't laugh this thing is pretty damn powerful
 In the mist of the attack Ao has a flashback triggered by this name that appeared on the bracelet (the name is Eureka) so there is nod to the original series 

Who could this be ?

Then Gazelle show and wants his shit back (he is not getting paid if he doesn't ) but Ao decides to kept and then the episode ends.

Overall the 1st episode is pretty good ,it did a good job setting up Ao and the world btw this a parallel dimension different from the original series it is more similar to our Earth but it is also some regards it has alternated history they will show  us this  in the next couple of  episodes.

BTW remember the flying skateboard from  the original well they don't have them here but they have flying cars ...awesome 

But they seem to utilize the same principal of flying.
And the mechs are called IFOs (Intelligent Flying Objects) instead of LFOs (Light Finding Operations)
i don't mind the change.

The political element seems to be a major element to the show and i think that it will play major role in the story.
There is talk of independence ,nationalism and racism in the show. 

I am being lenient to this show because of my love to the original but if they screw up I will be there to review it.

Final Thoughts

Overall a  good episode: 4/5 bracelets - give it a watch 
 BTW the English dubbing is done by  Funimation Entertainment so know that it will rock and Toonami is showing the original series. So go ahead and give the shows a watch.


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