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Some Things That I Want To See On Super Megaforce Part III

Welcome to part 3 of my list here I will be talking about Lost Galaxy / Lightspeed Rescue / Time Force.

So let's start with Lost Galaxy personally i don't consider Lost Galaxy as part of the Zordon Era to it's more like an epilogue to that era and a bridge to the new era, It more like a statement "the Zodron era was ended but the power rangers haven't ".

Now for the Galaxy Rangers and their powers
Ups wrong Galaxy Rangers
there we go the right ones
They still have their powers(except one) has seen in Forever Red and in Trakeena's Revenge in both episode they retrieved their Quasar Sabers from the stone in witch they were held for 3,000.I not why are they putting them back every time they used them outside their series maybe they need to recharge them or something.

Mike has lost his Magna Defender powers in order to save the colony.
That's too bad because he was a cool character and his sentai counter was appeared in Gokaiger.
I am curios about how will they bring him back because the Lost Galaxy are kinda sorta pre Zordon era.They where stuck in stone for 3,000 and 3,000 years ago on Earth there was that Org incident pretty interesting.Now know that Zordon is older that his witch leaves me with the inevitable question "What role did he play during does events?" i mean he could stand addible by while the evil forces win maybe that's why he is a head in a tube he fought them as AkaRed and he was scared.Okay enough fanfiction or fan theory back to the list btw AkaRed was appeared on Gokaiger.
Zordon As AkaRed sound awesome ?
Now for my favorite part of this list the zords.

First up are the Galactazords/Galactabeasts and the Galaxy Megazord.
The Galactabeasts are actually living creatures that turn into zords or mechs weird but okay and they are still alive.  
Next up is Torozord/Defender Torozord unfortunately  he was destroyed but he did saved the colony so he died like a badass.

Mega Defender
The Mega Defender isn't a Zord the Magna Defender grows and becomes the Mega Defender do I need to explain how awesome this is.

So let's ride with the Centaur and look at Centaurus Megazord.He was destroyed during the finale of the show.
Rhino Galactabeast
BTW this Megazord's Galactabeast is a Rhino so that's why is it called the Centaurus Megazord genius.

Now let's fly with the Stratoforce Megazord.Like the Centaurus Megazord he was destroyed in the finale by  Stingwingers.
Phoenix Galactabeast

Now with 2 Megazords like that you need something to carrier them with so introducing the  Zenith Carrierzord.
Shark Galactabeast
Unfortunately i don't know its final fate it was never destroyed on screen but the colony  Terra Venture was destroyed and I don't know if they evacuated him or not hope they did.

Like I said before Terra Venture was destroyed at the end of the series.

Unlike other Rangers teams Lost Galaxy used some tech from the previous team (Space) like the Astro Megaship and  D.E.C.A. and they both get destroyed bummer.
VS Scorpion Stinger
part of D.E.C.A.
Lost Galaxy also started the team-up tradition (I know that Zeo did it 1st but it's done better here).The episodes "To the Tenth Power" and "The Power of Pink" are pretty good team-ups, the title " To the Tenth Power" kinda makes no sense since there are 11 of them maybe they don't consider the Magna Defender a ranger and sadly there no Zhane.

see Megazord Team-up, the 1st ever on Power Rangers
Another thing that i want to see from this series is the Psycho Rangers they where badass.
Badass just badass

Now we leave the Lost Galaxy although they been in the Lost Galaxy for a couple of episodes and rest took place in the not lost galaxy btw how do you lose a galaxy
okay this works
anyway let's head back to Earth with Operation Lightspeed.

The Lightspeed Rangers still have their powers but some of them are retired from active duty.

 Interesting fact the 6th ranger or the Titanium Ranger is an Power Rangers exclusive ranger ,he has no Sentai counterpart.
But GoGoFive had 2 6th rangers that weren't brought to Power Rangers.
There are some other alies to these guys are closer to the rangers in terms of power.

And now look at the Zord that Operation Lightspeed created.
Fun-fact initially it was supposed to be that the Zords were reversed engineered from destroyed Megazords/Zords from the series.

1st up are the Rescue Zords and Lightspeed Megazord.

The Rescue Zords
The Lightspeed Megazord

The Lightspeed Megazord was destroyed but since he was build with Lightspeed tech he can be rebuild and upgraded maybe.

The Max Solarzord was also destroyed.

All aboard the Supertrain Megazord.

Unfortunately  the ride is cancelled due to ti's destruction.Btw he is the 1st zord seen in the show and he kinda serves the role of carrier durring the series.  

This Mech has the shortest lifespan ever has appeared in the show for 2 episodes.

The next mech just makes me sad with it's destruction the Omega Megazord.
The Omegazords

Omegazord 1
Omegazord 2
Omegazord 3
Omegazord 4
Omegazord 5
Omega Crawler
And now for the Megazord.

Orion Omega Megazord
The Orion Omega Megazord is just the Omega Megazord + the power of the  Lights of Orion.This happened in  Trakeena's Revenge and this is closest we gotten to a Megazord fusion.

I really want the Cyborg Rangers to make a comeback they could be either allies or villains to rangers I don't care.

Now let's go back to the past in order to get back to the future with Time Force.
The Time Force Rangers still have their powers and they are in their respective timelines.

Wes and Eric are still fighting monsters in the...ah.. present yeah present while the rest are in the future.

Now let's look at some future Zords /Megazords 1st up are the Time Fliers.
These Zords are still intact and in storage in the year 3000

The  Shadow Winger or the Time Shadow Megazord is still active.

And for my favorite zord from this series the Q-Rex or if you prefer the  Quantasaurus Rex.
According to Power Rangers Central he is still active and under the command of Eric so maybe we'll see megazord combination between him and the Dragonzord the Q-Drago or The DragonRex.

The last Megazord of this series is the  Transwarp Megazord he is still active and he used to send the other Zords in the past and it does that by punching set object with enough force in order to send it back in time.

That's all for this list people just a few more series and I am done so stay tuned for part IV.

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