Monday, 9 September 2013

Pokemon Mega Evolutions 1st Impression

Recently the net was flooded with news ,opinions ,theories regarding the Mega Evolutions that will be introduced in X & Y and i am here to give my own to cents regarding this matter.

Now let's talk about what it does.Well like the name suggests it transformers the pokemon into a new form that has higher stats and a different type ,so far it can only be used in battle and after the battle the pokemon reverts to its normal form and yeah the pokemon has to be fully evolved in order to do this , and this transformation is made with the help of the Mega Stone.


And yes it is a rip-off of digivolution from Digimon think about it in the anime the digimon digivolve into a stronger from and the revert to normal and this change is made withe help of the partner and a device like a Digivice ,but I hear you saying it isn't like that in the Digimon games and yes they stay evolved to that form when  you evolve them but you can also devolve them into the previous from.

Now let's do the math:

Mega Evolution = Mega Stone + Partener

Digivolution = Digivice + Partener

And to make matters worse the final stage of Digivolution is called Mega in the original version the dubbed version it is called Ultimate and the previous form in Japanese is called Ultimate it is a fucking mess ,and yes i know about Burst Mode and Super Ultimate  but those are considered special stages.
Now let's talk about the changes that Mega Evolution brings so let's look at some pokemon.

First up is Blaziken:
He looks okay what's with the black on him and with those things on his arms they kinda look likes flames, not bad.

Now let's look at an evolution that i thought was going to be normal but nope it's mega Mewtwo.When I saw the trailer for Genesect and the Legend Awakened (i haven't seen it yet) I thought that Mewtwo was going to naturally evolve but nope Mega.
I have some questions regarding this evolution.
First of all why is he smaller than his regular form should he be bigger.
Second is it just me or does he resemble Mew more i mean he is clone after all so may his genetic structure is deteriorating or something.
Third what's with that weird circle on his head.

And now for the Thunder god's pet Ampharos
This ones confuse me to no end so he started as a sheep pokemon with fur gradually losing it and in the final form he lost it completely but here comes mega and he has it again why?.
This guy is very similar to Thor why? you ash they are both electric and both have splendid hair so yeah this guy is Thor's pokemon.

Lucario the lone wolf
He looks good just one question  did he fused with Giratina  cuz those extra bits remind me of Giratina.

I would end things here but i want to talk about 3 more Megas you know witch ones.But first a little story so i was surfing around the net i found this trailer for X & Y 


and I thought to myself  wow they are giving the original starters Mega that's great but then the critic in me said they don't look so good so let's talk about that for a bit.

Let's start with my favorite of the 3 Charizard
He looks great this evolution is by every mean beautiful it uses the trend of adding useful parts to a pokemon and normal parts like that extra horm of this Charmeleon had 1 Charizard has 2 and this guy has 3 and they look great.This mega form looks big and imposing ,his wings are bigger and his tail has spikes it just screams badass.

And yes maybe they planned this in advanced in the anime ,yes Charizard returned to Ash in the anime and I started watching the anime again because of Charizard.
Now for Blastoise

His mega form looks like an armored tank or mech.
But I have one problem with this mega form the  giant canon on his back it looks uncomfortable and i think that it will mess with his speed and balance what happens if he falls on his back.
BTW how do those canons work anyway in the original they made sense but here they don't i mean what if he want's to go back in his shell form can he do that well no because he has shells on his arms thank this form is temporary.
And now for Venusaur
I have little to say about this new form it looks okay.
The only complain i have about it is that the body remains the same it doesn't grow or anything  the only added things are the plants on his back that are in theme with his style so he looks okay.

There some other mega forms that i didn't talk about and probably more on their way.Some are good some are bad and some are just okay  they will be an interesting thing to see.
Now maybe even Pikachu will receive a Mega form
Now i can see that there are some major differences between Mega Evolution and Digivolution, Mega amplifies for majority of time the natural aspects of a pokemon by adding normal things that would appear on a pokemon while on Digivolution  everything goes.  

And i think that they added megas in order to make the game more interesting and difficult for players.Game Freak if you want to increase the difficulty increase the number of attacks/moves from  4 movies to 6 moves but this is just my opinion  .  

yeah this games looks so eassy
And now for the final question should you buy this game well my answer is yes.I am willing to buy a 3ds for this game alone and yes the mega evolutions still bug me by they will also make the game more awesome an plus there's this reason for the starters :


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