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Another (2012) Anime Reivew

This series is kinda creepy and kinda gruesome with the death scenes so in other words it is perfect for a horror fan like me.
The anime has 12 episode and it is based on a horror mystery novel that was turned into a manga and then this anime and then a live action movie so i must be good right ... for that let's take a loser look at the story and characters because those are the driving force of the  this story
BTW haven't read the manga or the novel so I won't be comparing the anime with  those.


The story focuses on our main character Kouichi Sakakibara who is a transfer student from Tokyo and manages to get in the mysterious and cursed class 3-3.
And now i have to explain the origin of  the curse right so i will let the intro of the 1st episode do its job.

Another 1st Opening by thexdatabase

Man that opening is creepy and I  haven't spoiled anything yet the intro is more of a set-up to this world so you know what to aspect from it and BTW that part with Misaki sounds like an urban legend , and after watching this series  watch the opening again but try to remember the plot points and deaths you will be pleasantly surprised.

Now let's get back to our main characters.

Like I said our main character is Kouichi Sakakibara  and this story develops from his point of view ,he is the character who knows nothing about the situation at hand like the audience and he work (kinda) to find out the truth like audience, he is instantly relatable to me. 

Another main character is Mei Misaki.
There no way of saying this without upsetting some fans so here in the beginning she is pretty weird and cold but as he get to know she get pretty interesting and likable and i have to admit something I almost fallen for the curve ball that  the writers put in with her so yeah she is pretty interesting and your main character love interest.
Now I know that there are other characters in the show but didn't bother with them because this  is a survival horror anime so yeah they might die anyway so why bother ? And plus no spoilers.
The music in the anime is great ,it creates a creepy and unsettling atmosphere witch is supposed to do in a horror piece so good job guys.

Now let's talk about the curse or calamity or phenomenon.
It only affects the students of 3 it  can only affect students or family members that are in Yomiyama City so far so good it is pretty restaint but there one more thing that it can do alter records and people memories regarding the dead.
I can accept that the calamity can only affect the students of class and their family member with 2 degrades of separation ,I can accept that it only works in this city but I can't accept the alteration of memories stuff.Really they even know that their memories are alter wtf if someone or something has that kind of power why leave this particular thing intact.Even the paperwork get alter now if the calamity can only affect people in town why not duplicate the paperwork and kept it out of town and when there's problem simply check the unaffected duplicates there problem solved.

Speaking of the calamity let's see the side effects meaning the deaths.
Generally the deaths are in the style of Final Destination there are mostly accidental and a case of very very very bad luck.
There only one death that I don't consider part of the calamity and it is the one from episode 7 I won't spoil it for you and plus I can't show it ,it's kinda brutal.

Overall this is a good anime the mystery is good and keeps you  intrigued the action  is good and the atmosphere is creepy.If you are a fan of horror movies give this anime a watch there is enough gore to satisfy your thirst if you like playing detective ,trying to figure out the truth before the characters you might want to check this one out.
The only problem that I have with this anime is the ending:  it comes out of nowhere.There weren't many clues in the  series regarding the twist so it kinda bothers me but it was something unexpected.The best twist in any series is the one that you don't see coming but if you re-watch the series you see clues regarding the twist here you don't see many clues.

Final Score 3.5/5
Highly recommended

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