Friday, 19 July 2013

Some list of tv show,movies,animes,cartoon that i have watched and some games that i played ;) Enjoy

These are my IMDB lists enjoy 

All the thing that i have watched and played:
Main List (click to open )

A list of Movies that i had watched:
 Movie List (click to open)

A list of Animated  Movies that i had watched:  
Animated Movies List (click to open)

A list of Animes/Cartoons that i had watched: 
 Animes/Cartoons List (click to open) 

Tv shows /series that I watched and watch:
 Tv shows /series List (click to open)

Some web series that I watch
  List of  Web series(click to open) 

A list of games that  i have played and still play 
Games that I play and played (click to open)

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