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Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox (2013) Review


Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox is an adaptation of the Flashpoint event from DC Comics that resulted in the New 52 reboot of the Dc Universe.
I read the original Flashpoint event and it was pretty good but I read it when it was 1st released and unfortunately, i don't remember many details but I do remember the main plot.

According to ComicVine Flashpoint had appeared in 74 issues  and some of those issues were made to explore the world to see you bad thing where in that timeline and there were a few issues called Road to Flashpoint

which sadly are not present in the movie :(

And BTW Flashpoint is the name of the 10th episode of the second season of Justice League Unlimited

The exploration of the world is not fully present in the movie due to the limited run time, it think that the adaptation of this event would have worked better as 2-3 movies or a TV miniseries that could have aired of DC Nation

The movie is an adaptation of the main Flashpoint story and a great one i think that i follows the comics perfectly but it also deviate a bit due to lack exploration and if they have adapted all of it in the current runtime it would have been a clusterfuck of stories.

Something in the movie prove my theories that this should have been a miniseries like this for instance this

if you have read the comic you know what she becomes but here this is her only scene and it is just  for fanservice.
But you do get to see what happened to the more popular DC Characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Like in the comic event there is an Amazon-Atlantean War where Wonder and Aquaman are at war but the reason for the fighting is not fully explained in the comic I think that there was a sort of conspiracy but I don't  remember the full story or subplot sorry 

The final battle of the movie is different from the comics because well of the conspiracy mentioned earlier  and some the several other plots that weren't included
Losing at chess no problem destroy the board 
And they say that Aquaman sucks
(Flashpoint) Batman Grifter  team-up
Oh yeah they keep the Resistance and Lois Lane from the comics but they role is kinda limited

And o yeah Grifter last time I saw you in animated form was in this

Some of the characters design are similar with Young Justice.
Hi Aqualad

Poor  Aquagirl, she has the worst of luck

The differences between the real characters  and the Flashpoint ones

Batman  And  Flashpoint Batman

Superman And Flashpoint Superman (poor guy )

Cyborg And Flashpoint Cyborg (this one looks cooler )
Aquaman And Flashpoint Aquaman
Wonder Woman And Flashpoint Wonder Woman
The difference  between the normal characters and the flashpoint isn't explored enough in my opinion i mean i get that they are evil but i get why are they are evil. We only for one or tow of them why they are like this but for the rest it is a mystery and this kinda bothers my because if you know was changed is this timeline (it was to do with the Flash) it doesn't make a lot of sense.

I am kinda mad because they didn't include this at the end of the movie

 if you look closely you can see characters from Wildstorm and Vertigo beside the dc ones

**Final Thoughts**

In the end all I have to say is that this is a good movie , it is not a perfect adaptation of the Flashpoint event but it is pretty good

-Final Score:3.5/5 Flash Symbols

Now let's hope that the next movie Justice League: War  is better adaption of the first Justice League storyline from the New 52

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