Monday, 22 July 2013

Beware the Batman Episode 2 Secrets Review


This week we another villains that i know nothing  about Magpie i a way this is good because you know this guy/gal and you won't know what he will do next
now don't get me wrong i like the classic Batman villains  from the TAS

but i think that they would have been to predictable for this show.
 I mean Poison Ivy episode would probably be something ecological related
,The Penguin's would be about stealing something valuable this also goes for Catwoman.

I think that the Joker is the only unpredictable villains from  TAS but i think that they won't overuse the Joker in the series

Now let's talk about the plot of the episode like a said above the villain of this episode is Magpie

Again huge ...personalities
Btw that thing with the ... personalities is kinda a plot point 

 At the begging of the episode the serves the same role as Catwoman  stealing stuff and she says the she steals this stuff because it is "shiny" get like cat .....okay more like a bird but anyway the twist with her attack is that she erases one guard memory

good luck learning all you know all over again buddy
Meanwhile  we are introduced to Lt. James Gordon and Barbara Gordon

 And they talk about Batman for a bit Barbara says that he is hero and Gordon says that he ain't a hero you the gist of it.

Meanwhile (okay last Meanwhile i promise ) at the Wayne manor  Tatsu Yamashiro (you know i am going to call her Katana because the early information about said the Batman new partner was going to be Katana) and Alfred are also talking about the Batman

So Alfred to you know anything about this Batman sound like nut.
And Alfred "tries" to convince her otherwise

The World Greatest Detective
Then Bruce Wayne figures out that Katana is Alfred granddaughter and comments that Alfred kept this from him because he doesn't like Secrets wow the man that is the definition of a secret doesn't like secrets

In this episode Batman does all more detective work in order to beat Magpie witch again is a good thing but i this era of super computers and cameras everywhere that kind of detective work is he going to do ?
Well we need more episodes like this in order to find you

Btw I hate these shots. I can't see the computer screen :(

Okay I've got stop here before I spoil the hole Episode 

The fights in this episode are pretty good lots movements some gadgets used
and we get to see how concentrated Batman can get

Concentration Level over 9000

And the end of the episode we get this

           Bruce's Evil genius pose and saying "Let the tests begin" hahaha

 O and he learn one more thing about this Batman

             Nobody puts graffiti in my town except me take that you punks

In the end pretty good episode 4/5 BATS give it watch

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