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Pacific Rim 2013 Impression/Review(After seeing it for the 1st time)

Pacific Rim is one of the best live action giant mecha fighting giant monsters ever and it is made by the awesome director Guillermo del Toro that made a bunch of other awesome films, so check them out.
Okay, there may be some exception but still is pretty goddam awesome.
The visuals are great the mech design is pretty sweet the characters are okay I just remember the main cast.
The monsters designs are good, but they all look alike, but I think that this is only natural and it is a more logical move on the director part.
The fight scenes are good but they overuse some close-up scenes and they place in rain, geez what is it with American monsters in movie the action always take place in the rain like in the American Godzilla (1998)
See rain 
Okay I can’t say anything more without spoiling the rest of the movie if you want to say spoiler free stop reading this go watch the movie is pretty good if leave your brain at the entrance of the movie theater (btw watch in IMAX for maximum awesomeness ) and come back here and read the rest of this (I need views ;) ) and leave in the comments if you agree with me or not
3/5 Kaiju Monsters +Also read the comic book Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero (<-link) the comic shows the origin of the Jaegers

Spoiler Alert !!!! (again)

I was so excited when I heard the about this movie: giant robot vs giant monsters what more could I ask for.
The  plot revolves around the last 4 Jaeger(means Hunter according to the move) in their mission to  stop the Kaiju(Strange Beast / Giant Monster) and sealing the Rift as the government decides to fund the program for the next 6 months as the giant anti-Kaiju wall is build mmmm..... a giant wall to stop giant monsters i wonder when that works
Sure it will work for you guys
 Needless to say, the wall idea doesn't work a Kaiju breaks the wall without breaking a sweet but fortunately is stopped by Striker Eureka in Sydney

I like their facebook page and I received some promotional materials like schematics
 promotional posters with each mech 
Had 3 battles in the movie the pilots are main characters

Had 2,5 Battle in the movie.Why 0,5 well a battle was showed on tv screen 

Had only one battle in the movie and lost that battle

Had only one battle in the movie and lost that battle 

This mech was never in the movie :( only this exists

Like I said before the number of battles of small 4-5 (one was in a flashback  during a Drift scene ) but the actual battles are pretty damn awesome but they all take place in rain and one battle take place underwater i Iean come on that  enough water I just wanted a battle in broad daylight

Their method of transportation seems familiar 

Gipsy Danger Crew
The new Crew of the Gipsy Danger  the original crew was Raleigh and Yancy Becket but Yancy died while connected to Raleigh i think that was painful because the Drift is described as an exchange of memories and feelings 

Raleigh is an experienced  of this mech in the movie he is scared by the dead of his brother and i have nothing more to say he is a funny likable character and relatable a bit and i  have nothing to more to say about him 

Mako Mori is the second pilot she is an interesting character has a more tragic backstory than Raleigh and she his love interest and at the end of the movie they get together
Striker Eureka Crew
A father son team. They pilot the Striker Eureka that is a Mark-5 series Jaeger and the own a dog the dog on the logo.The son was kinda of douchebag in the 
beginning but has a lot of skill.
The father is a likable character.
They pilot a 3 armed mech named  Crimson Typhoon that is  Mark-4 Chinese Jaeger (the only Mark-4 Jager) and they are triplets.
 And I don't know if they all pilot the mech  i mean at the same.
If add their total screen time you will get like 10 minutes

They are Russian they pilot Cherno Alpha is a Mark-1 Russian Jaeger (one of the first Jaegers) and I think that they are married and that's all they had even less screen time than Wei Triplets so yeah.....

                                    Spoiler Alert!!!!! 

The final thing that i want to address is the Kaiju creators called Precursors unfortunately all i that could find are some early designs schemes but they kinda look like the alines from   Independence Day (1996)

Okay the head my be a bit smaller

In the end all i have say is that it seems that the giant monsters are returning to the big scream next year we will get the King Of Monsters Godzilla (2014)

Maybe one day we will get this :

Sorry I don't know the author Please Contact me to give you credit for this

That's all people 
All the info come from here:
Pacific Rim Wiki
Alien Wiki

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