Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Avengers Vs X-men Review(Sort of )

I had some doubts if should I post this or not since its been some time that Avengers VS X-men has ended.
For some it will be like dude you're late for the party
AvX isn't the worse thing ever but it has many problems.

For starters, the Avengers are douchebags in this the go Utopia and tell the X-men do give them Hope Summers for safeguarding against the Phoenix Force which is returning to Earth destroying plants in its path.
Captain America thinks that the Phoenix will destroy the earth while Cyclops thinks that it will restore the mutant race the extinction.
Here you have to different points of view where you the reader have to choose sides simple enough but them there is Wolverine who says that he will take care of Hope respecting some promise that they made(killing her).
So at first, you sympathize with Cyclops in his quest.

The reason that I am on the Avengers side from the beginning is that every problem is this event is kinda their fault who attacked first the Avengers (okay Cyclops did attack first but still Avengers then attacked Utopia) who created the Phoenix Five(Cyclops,Emma,Namor, Magik and Colossus) well the Avengers trying top stop the Phoenix.

Plus it is easy for me to sympathize with mutants because let's honest they are treated like crap in the Marvel universe the civilians hate them there's an organization who want them dead and there are some churches that say there an abomination.

So what do they do with their Phoenix like power you ask well they STOP WARS ,FEED THE HUNGRY AND SOLVE SOME OTHER PROBLEMS FOR HUMANITY and what the Avengers do they search for a away to stop them.

And after they get their Phoenix powers and do all that good to the world the Avengers say that Cyclops has gone mad which make me scratch my head about that since he never kills(until the Dark Phoenix) always tries to make the right choice to help the world by doing what i mentioned earlier and heals Hawkeye who by the way TRIED TO KILL HIM.

And plus Cyclops is the bad but not Magik who who literally raise hell on earth and used it as prison for the avengers making them fight an
endless swarm of demons or Emma who thinks that she is a god now and aspects everyone to treat her as such even peeks into their minds to make sure that their thinking happy thoughts about clearly Cyclops is the madman here.

This where the things that i didn't like in the event so what did i like in this well the fight are pretty impressive , the artwork is good , and the plot sort of words i would have liked something different but that is just me.

At least the mutant kind is reborn after this (YEEEES) and apparently hated now more than ever(god dammit)

If can overlook the problems that i stated here give Avengers Vs X-men a read but if don't like the ideia of the Avengers fighting the X-men then this is not for you

Final Score:3.9/5 stars

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