Thursday, 25 July 2013

Warm Bodies (2013) Review

I have to be honest when I heard  the concept of the movie  about a Zombie and Girl love story i thought Twilight Rip-off

I mean in Twilight we had Vampire/Girl love story (he is probably underage and the vampire is like 100 or so) this is kinda pedophilia then we had a Werewolf/Girl love story this is kinda bestiality and now a corpse zombie /girl so this means necrophilia so yeah now we have all the fuck up shit ever

Then I saw the movie trailer and I was super impressed with the presentation and the humor so i decided to give a change.

So I watched the movie last night and it is very good the concept is interesting the humor is good (in my opinion)

The whole perspective of the movie in done thru narration from our main character R which is a zombie, thru his eyes he get how is like to be zombie
how to they think what are their limitations and why do they eat brains which i am not going to spoil here.

Their zombies are of the running type i mean they run only when they see food and they can be killed when they get shot in the head.And in this movie they some sort of hive/group thing.
And there are 2 type of zombies the normal type and this thing

 They are called  Bonies  and they are the final evolution of the zombies
I wish that they were in the movie like the zombies from  The Return of the Living Dead (1985) i mean they are full zombie they don't have any humanity left in them.

Also in they movie, the make fun of all the various ways of the Zombocalypse (Regular Show reference ) plague which is pretty funny but they don't mention a few like the book and has a pretty good message that shit happened then this is now and we need to find a way to survive

Evil Dead
 And i can't let this go I am sorry if this a spoiler but the rest of humanity has built  a GIANT FREAKING WALL TO KEPT THE CORPSES OUT i mean really i have encountered the the giant wall thing like 4 four times this month and it didn't work for any of them (Attack On Titan, Pacific Rim, Warm Bodies and World War Z) and doesn't work that well because R still gets in.

Even in World War Z they find a way to beat the wall

I think that this is a pretty unique movie give us a large perspective for the movie world o ....wait there was another movie that this but I haven't watch it yet

This is also called Aaah! Zombies!!
Okay, i've got to stop before i give even more spoilers this is a good zombie movie give it a watch.

The approach in this movie different for other movies where the focus is surviving or the origin of the plague, it has a very optimistic view of the zombie apocalypse.

In the end all I have to say is that is a good zombie movie give a watch.

Final Score:4.5/5 Warm Loving Zombies


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