Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan Episode 1 Impression

The first episode of every series has a difficult job to establish the main characters with traits that will be explored during the season, to establish the world the bad guy and the problems you get the picture.
Attack on Titan does all in the first episode which is 20 or so minutes long.

So we are introduced to our main characters Eren who want to fight the Titans and go outside the wall we are also introduced to his sister maybe Mikasa who has little to do in the episode sadly
We are introduced to this world where humanity had lived inside these walls where Titans can't get in (or so they think ).
In the first episode little is know about the Titans we only learn that they eat humans and we are shown an every different Titan  (sorry I have to keep it spoiler free)
The animation quality is great at some point they use images but i thinks that they enhance the mood of doom and desperation that is present 

Map of the City Walls
Our Main Characters

The only question I have regarding the setting are:
1)Is this Earth ? or another planet ? or is it some alternated timeline stuff? or just a new world?
2)How were they able to build the walks?I mean if you try  to build something this huge on planet where there are giant man-eating monsters you kinda get noticed especially in large numbers
3)What are the Titans and how to they survive I mean they eat humans and all the humans have been safe behind these walls for 100 years how come they didn't become extinct?

In the end, this looks like a great with lots of action and mysteries
4.5/5 (+Excellent  on setting the world /characters/problems/conflict
         -Too little action)



  1. Since the Scouting Legion is constantly on the front line, fighting Titans, its high fatality, low success rate (if at all) discourages most people from joining the legion. Thus, the legion suffers an all-time personnel shortage and the only soldiers who enter the Scouting Legion are dedicated to the cause of humanity usually at the cost of their own lives! This is the Eren Jaeger cosplay costume for Recon Corps (Scouting Legion) in Attack on Titan! And Hanji Zoe is a Squad Leader from the Scouting Legion. Hanji conducts research on Titans and, as such, is deeply interested in Eren Jaeger, who can turn into a Titan. Hanji is very passionate and driven in pursuit of new knowledge. And Hanji Zoe cosplay costume from also pretty popular in Attack on Titan cosplay field!

  2. they are on earth but it takes plase along time ago were they made this type of serum that make you tern in two a man eating monster. two help with with wars but it back fires . but how did they build the walls with out being eating in the prosses