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Ultimate Spider-Man S2Ep18 Guardians of the Galaxy Review


So this is another team-up episode of the show i mean team-up are not uncommon on this show they a method to boost rating,i mean a couple of episodes ago he had the the Ultimate Deadpool show and it was great.

BTW this episode is awesome check it out
Okay back you night have noticed that i am a little aggressive  towards this show well i am when i first watched the 1st 2 episodes i thought a team of teen heroes working for S.H.I.E.L.D. led by Samuel L. Jackson/Nick Fury from the Ultimate Universe  and doing spy stuff where have I've heard this before ....i know Young Justice

 I thought that it was not going to last but the joke is on me because young justice is now cancelled and this show continues , i mean the show isn't that bad  but it is not good.I mean if the wanted to make a show about a teen hero they should have made it looks like they wanted to make a Spiderman cartoon but added at the last minute some teen characters but Spiderman is the main the money grabber.
We are at the second season i still don't know them evey well
And now to the episode at hand  like  i said before it is a team-up episode.
 And it is kinda a Nova centered episode.

The plot is basic Korvac and the Chitauri tries to destroy the earth and  it is up to Spiderman the Guardians to stop them.
Korvac is trying to blow up the Earth ,Korvac a human from Earth is trying to blow it up wow that's stupid.
In the comic Korvac is human  to tried to take over the universe of something  haven't read those comics yet.
Korvac In this episode

The Chitauri are the ones from the The Avengers (2012) movie

This one is from the Ultimate Avengers The Movie (2006)

Maybe they will play a major role in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

And like that  the guardians present in this episode are the ones that are going to be in the new.
This isn't their 1st appearance in a cartoon  they 1st appear in the The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 episode 6 Michael Korvac where they fought the avengers and stopped Korvac like in this episode
The members of that team where different  from this episode team

Let's see how to they look in this episode.

 So let's start with their leader Star-Lord OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU

I mean look at the stupid mask it looks so generic and dumb it looks almost eath-like design.
If you have read the 2008 series you know that his mask looks likes this

 See it look weird, alien-like and terrifying and it has an expression that says "you don't want to mess with me ".
I hope that they won't use this stupid mask in the new movie.

Now let's see Gamora the dangerous warrior

She looks pretty good no objections here.

Now Drax The Destroyer

He looks like in the comics so he is perfect.

Now  for the funny adorable Rocket Raccoon.

He look great his are a bit smaller that expected but he looks great just don't call him a Raccoon ;).

Overall the team looks great except for Star-Lord who has the horrible mask only in the new series he looks worse there he has (so far) no mask why ?

Opps almost forgot somebody or something Groot
He looks great did you think that i treated him bad by forgetting him but the episode treats him worse by not giving him a description like the others and for the majority of the episode except when knock out the main bad guy he is stuck in this form.

The episode is pretty because the focus is not on Spiderman and his amazing friends the Guardians seems to be competent serious and badass.
The episode has a fake-out regarding Nova but in the they f***kit and play as a stupid.

The jokes in this episode are pretty  bad thank god that aren't that many jokes.

Get it he is Raccoon and his teacher and his is teaching him to look in the garbage because he is raccoon and top that off the talks like Yoda hilarious

Funny ?
BTW there is an awesome were Star-Lord start enumerating Earths greatest heroes and Spiderman is a button of the list (he think that he put Spiderman on the list to keep him motivated ) jugging by show that's kinda true.

Okay time to end this
4/5 Groot
The focus is on the Guardians and Nova
There are less jokes in this
The Guardians all looks awesome except for Star-Lord
This is a great introduction to the Guardians of the Galaxy


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