Friday, 28 March 2014

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Ep02 Earth Fights Back Review

The problems continue with Power Rangers Super Megaforce.But 1st a short recap from the last episode the rangers got new suits with no explanation for the pirate themed suit or zords the show ignored the continuity of the series by "forgetting" the big invasions that happened before especially Countdown to Destruction.And to make matters worse...well take a look at the intro.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Intro by thexdatabase
They keep saying that a full scale invasion of Earth didn't happen before which pisses me off to no end because it was done better In Space (the season not literally in space).The show is so far like an open wound, and that segment is like salt so every time I watch the show is like putting salt on a opened wound.Another problem that I saw in the intro is one regarding my favorite ranger the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
That silver stripe on the helmet was 1st seen in Dino Thunder in the episode Fighting Spirit in which Tommy was in a coma so it made sense he might have suffered brain damaged and imagined the silver stripe on the helmet. 

Now this wouldn't have bothered me too much if a new character would have found the Dragon morpher that Tommy's clone took with him in the past.This new character would have repaired the morpher and joined a team of different rangers like an older version Justin the Blue Turbo Ranger ,some Lightspeed Rangers plus the Silver Guardians and the 2 Red Rangers from Time Force and some other rangers that have been seen active in some team-up episodes like Adam Park the Black MMPR oh and their headquarters should be the Aquabase 2 from Lightspeed.

Okay that's enough fanfiction for now let's move on to the episode at hand.
Also, their zords would have combined;) (that's Dragonzord Q-Rex,Titanus and Artillatron). 

Friday, 21 March 2014

Astro Boy (2003-2004) Anime Review

Astro Boy from 2003 was one of the anime that made me aware of the anime genre it along several other.
Sure, I wasn't aware that I was watching an anime at the time.In my mind (back then) it was just another cartoon but can you blame me?
 During the 2003s there were many cartoons that blurred the lines between anime and cartoons (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 2002,Teen Titans 2003,Batman Beyond,Martin Mystery,TMNT 2k3 etc).

Recently I've got some free time on my hands, and I have watched all of the episodes from the 2003 series (damn you prognostication )and it still holds up today.
So I've decided to make a small review regarding this great anime.Don't worry, I won't spoil too much of the series for you because it's that good with that in mind let's look at the plot of the series.
But 1st let's look at the intro. 

Astro Boy 2003 Intro by thexdatabase

Friday, 14 March 2014

DC Universe VS Masters of the Universe 003 (2014) Comic Review

Here we go issue 3 of this mini series, sorry for the long pauses between issues but I'm back now.
The cover of this issue features Wonder Woman and Teela fighting witch doesn't happen in this issue maybe it will happen in the next one, but I doubt that.And what's wrong with Wonder Woman's outfit it's kinda revealing in the crotch and ass area.
Also, where are they fighting ? From what I can see in the background the buildings look kinda alien, so they are not on Earth? There's also a damaged tank behind Teela and its turret is blocking the text which is kinda annoying in rest, it's okay so let's move on with the plot. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

My Top 5 Things That I Want To See In Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

In preparation for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie I've read the 2 big events that lead to the team forming or rather reforming in 2008.For those of you who don't know those events where Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest also I've read the miniseries that lead to Annihilation: Thanos (2003-2004) ,Drax The Destroyer (2005-2006) and Nova(2007-2010) (the tie-in to Conquest).
And I've discovered that the universe in Marvel is full of interesting species and characters, and it has rich mythology.So I've made a list showcasing some things that I want to see in this movie that has Galaxy in the title.Also, there are some other changes done to the team and the characters but that's a discussion for another time.