Monday, 29 September 2014

Max Steel 2013 S1Ep25 Earth Under Siege Part 1 Review

So yeah Max Steel (the early 2000s CGI cartoon) got reboot.I liked that show when was a kid but looking back the CG is kinda ...bad now.

Sure it look pretty impressive back then but now it's kinda outdated.So they decided to reboot the show which is an awesome idea but this is a reboot in name only.
They changed so much from the original show that they could have called anything else.

I might do a comparison between the 2 shows,but it's kinda pointless because they are 2 very different shows the only connection with each other is the name of the characters the story,origin of heroes /villains and Max's powers are totally different.
I would explain the basic plot, but let's watch the Intro because it does just that.

Max Steel 2013 Intro by thexdatabase
by luigiguy54 on deviantart
Actually, I kinda like Max Steel's new powers because they are so inventive and diverse in a way we can have all of a heroes's powers.

I wonder at some will he be able to combine some of his turbo modes into better forms like Strength Mode +Turbo Cannon Mode or Flight Mode + Speed Mode imagine the possibilities.

In some ways he is similar to Rex (from Generator Rex) they both use tech and they both have cool modes and gadgets I wouldn't mind seeing them in a death battle.

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

Friday, 19 September 2014

The Transformers 01 (2009) Comic Review


This series is a direct follow from the awesome series All Hail Megatron where Megatron (duh) defeats the Autobots (sort of) and takes over Earth causing massive destruction and chaos.

So basically this series is the whole humans hate/hunt Transformers from Age Extinction and done much better.

I am not going to spoil that whole series naturally the Autobots come and save but the damage was already done and now Humans hate all Transformers.I have a problem with that scenario (for some very good reasons) but I will talk about when I will (eventually) review that comic series but now to the issue at hand.

Also,if you want to read the events from IDW'S Transformers that lead to this, here's a chronological order of the series. You're welcome.

There also this series,but I don't know here it fits perfectly

So let's start with the comic at hand, but let's analyze the cover. I'll keep it simple it awesome the Transformers look amazing.

It's even better than the movie ones (until Age) look at the detail on them.

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*