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Godzilla Rulers of Earth 01-02 (2013) Comic Review

In 2011 IDW started publishing Godzilla comics the new Godzilla movie might have brought mass interest back toward the giant radioactive king of the monsters, but these comics payed tribute to everything Godzilla related.

There are 2 reason for reviewing this comic:
  •    The treatment of Zilla who had been made fun by the hardcore Godzilla fans and his last appearance in Final Wars was disappointing(yeah the movie is bad but the cartoon is awesome more on this later).  
  • The second reason is quite simple I need to do something special with the new movie on the horizon.
Now let's move on to cover analysis.

The 1st cover is pretty awesome, but some of the monsters on the cover aren't in this issue or if they are they 1 panel cameo.
Maybe this cover is supposed to be used for the collection edition showcasing all the monsters.

The second issue cover is also great it show the monsters Zilla and Godzilla ready to fight and they are beautifully drawn and they appear to be sitting on equal ground.

**The Plot**

So the comic begins with Godzilla being detected by a submarine but they don't think it's Godzilla because the radar signature is smaller.

Next we meet Lucy who is going to a Kaiju Conference and I guess it's about time that they did something like after the stuff that happened in previous series like giant monsters attacking then giant monsters from space attacking or rather invading the Earth.

I normally would complain about humans being in front of the action, but IDW has given me some pretty awesome characters that tie-in with monsters so let's see how this goes.

Next Gigan awakens from the beating that he received last time and he stars battling Kumonga as aliens watch him.

So sit back and enjoy the fight.

So Gigan uses his belly saw to get out of the spiderweb and he set the web on fire by using his laser eye so he's an X-men like Cyclops.

 Kumonga retreats and Gigan will be getting un upgrade let me guess he will look like in Final Wars.

Meanwhile at the conference the professor explains the differences between kaiju and Daikaiju.
Daikaiju are giant monsters, kaiju translated to english means just monsters or strange beast.

So the professor does a head count of very monster that appeared in the past Godzilla series.
I have to be a nerd for a moment okay a bigger nerd.

The professor mentions Titanosaurus.In Godzilla Legends Titanosaurus has been captured by aliens after forming a telepathic link to a kid with powers.
The Godzilla series had all 3 Mechagodzillas in them
The reason that I mention this is that the alien look  different in this but they are shapeshifters.

So the convention is cut short when an actual giant monsters attacks so everybody goes to the shelter except for Lucy who goes outside in order to film the monsters. 

Also, they tried to keep it a mystery on who is the monster like we don't know.

what a shock it's Zilla
Just as you think that Lucy is about to be eaten for her stupidity a squad of marines with giant weapons saves her.The main guy yells at her for being stupid in during a giant monster attack.

Also, their log reminds of the Rangers no not the Power Rangers the Rangers from Pacific Rim.
Pacific Rim vs Godzilla that could be awesome or Infestion 3 with Godzilla fighting a zombie version of himself and other monsters.

So the marines hit it with everything they've got but it has no effect but a familiar atomic breath hits it GODZILLA HAS ARRIVED.

Due to a bad signal at the radio the new monster's name is Zilla the HQ guy was trying to warn about Godzilla, but the 'god' part didn't register.

BTW Zilla just dodged  Godzilla's atomic breath while being under attack witch is better than most monsters.
Starring contest
The second issue starts with the battle between titans Zilla and Godzilla with the weak humans caught in the middle.

So strap in people because we are in for a ride.

So as you can see they fight and the fight Zilla is obviously the underdog in this fight but he still manages to make Godzilla bleed witch is pretty impressive.

In any continuity Godzilla rarely bleeds or is hurt to this degree in the movie continuity this only happened once and it was done by Gigan(who had claws witch makes sense) in the IDW continuity it happened twice (to my knowledge).

The comic makes a pretty good a job at making you feel like what's like to be between to giant monsters.

The military guys can only lead people to safety and their weapons do little to no effect.
I want to suck your blood
Well, here's something that I didn't notice in the 1st issue the Woods guy who saves Lucy from her stupidity is our main human protagonist from the 1st IDW Godzilla comic:Kingdom of Monsters and he's awesome.

You want to know why he's awesome he took down both GODZILLA AND GHIDORAH IN A DETECTIVE 90S MECHAGODZILLA (the mech was busted in a previous fight).

So Godzilla bites Zilla neck like saying how do you like a man? But to Zilla's luck the military fire at Godzilla and breaks his concentration and escapes by digging a hole and trap Godzilla in that another hole.Unlucky for him the military attacks this time and he run away.

**Final Thoughts**

Godzilla gets out of the hole and military decides not to engage him so swims away.

So Lucy joins the professor's Daikaiju investigation team and the military guys say that Zilla did okay in his fight with Godzilla.

Oh they find a strange crab 'leg' that's basically an add for next issue (some of you might recognize it)

The comic end with some aliens looking at the Earth and receiving a distress call about 'something' that escaped then the signal is lost.

Also, the creature from the transmission is different from the aliens now I've read ahead and I know what they are.

I was a bit disappointed with the treatment of Zilla in this comic.

For instance, no atomic witch he had in Godzilla The Series, but he didn't get annihilated in 2 seconds like in Final Wars and he did manage to get some hits in.
 Lizard Slayers
 Lizard Slayers

Zilla mecha equivalent is Cyborg version of his 'father'

Also, the seem to be running out of mechs and monsters so the might some from Godzilla the Series and some of them are pretty awesome check them out here.  
And let's that there's isn't copyright problem with those monsters. 

Now I know that Godzilla (1998) is a bad Godzilla movie but as a standard giant monster movie is okay.
Godzilla The Series or Zilla The Series is a pretty awesome cartoon and closer to the original Godzilla even better than the other cartoon.

So yeah less crappy Zilla from the movie and more awesome Zilla from the cartoon. 
This is kinda like Stargate the original movie is okay, nothing special but Stargate SG-1 is freaking awesome on par with Star Trek. 

In the end all have to say is that comic is awesome and you read it and it's following issues trust me I've read ahead and it get awesome.

-Final Score:For Issue 1:3/5 and for issue 3.5/5 Atomic Breaths 

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