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Godzilla (2014) 1st Impressions

For the SPOILER FREE AREA all have to say is this:THE KING IS BACK BABY and he is awesome Hail to the king.All will talk more in the spoilerish conner I won't reveal too much but it's a Godzilla movie you what are you in for.

1st off Godzilla is bigger than ever.

But he seems a bit weaker sure military won't destroy him but he is bothered by it and the other monsters manage to get some hits on him witch makes for some pretty awesome fight scenes(best seen in 3D).I'm kinda upset that they didn't show the 1st fight scene but the last one was super awesome.Also, they changed his origin a bit in this version he isn't a dinosaur mutated by radiation thus representing the power of the atom(the message for nuclear danger is still present in the movie).

There's a bit of a tease with Godzilla and with the new monsters witch is good and it got me excited for their full appearances.

Another good regarding the monsters that I can say about is that they keep showing us how big the monsters and this looks freaking awesome in 3D.

The new monsters witch they call M.U.T.O. (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) are okay they don't look too sci-fi they are somewhere in the middle you ca kinda believe that they exist also they kinda alien to me.And by alien I mean from space.

Also, why call them M.U.T.O. by the definition of the acronym Godzilla is a M.U.T.O. okay I've got a better name for them TriArms or HexBugs take your pick.

And another thing when I 1st saw the trailer with one of them in it I thought of the Cloverfield monster for some reason (who knows maybe I wanted to reference another monster or I'm going to review the film at some point).

 The humans in the movie did good I actually felt sorry for them and they really made me understand what's like to be trapped between 2 kaiju (the word Kaiju isn't used in the movie).

I can't believe that I'm saying this, but the military is kinda competent in the movie sure they still want to nuke the monsters but they actually have a plan and they are doing this because they don't have any other option and need to save lives from the destructive monsters.

And speaking of destruction to my utter shock Godzilla isn't the most destructive monster in the movie.

The other 2 monsters did most of the damage heck even the military does more damage than Godzilla.
Heck at some point Godzilla actually saves some people from the random fire caused by the military yeah I don't care if he did it by accident we could have gone under the water.

 Even at the end of the movie he is watching his step.

That's all I've had to say about the film at this point.

Oh yeah if you are big Godzilla and you want more Godzilla fun read Godzilla Awakening from Legendary Comics it's not IDW but it's okay.
The comic explains some minor things that were in the movie and it also gives some backstory to the professor .

Now that Godzilla has a blockbuster maybe Marvel and IDW will join force and remake Godzilla vs Avengers (so that I can complain about it).

Yeah I said remake when Marvel published
Godzilla King of the Monsters (back in 1977) Godzilla fought all sort of marvel heroes and villains heck the giant mech called Red Ronin was originally created to fight Godzilla.Come on Marvel your last crossover was Eminem/The Punisher and it kinda sucked you believe me ? Watch Linkara's review (click here).    

Maybe we will even get these crossovers with Godzilla.

In the end all I have to say is that this movie is pretty awesome and you should go see it and think so yourself.

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