Monday, 18 January 2016

Tried to finish Metroid Other M (2010)

Recently I got More engaged to my Wii since my laptop has started to drop the ball in terms of gaming and I guess that I've felt a bit nostalgic for something old (like a game from 2010).

Gee, I wonder what made me quit this game? I wondered as I put the disk in the console.
After a few tries ugh, I mean minutes with the boss that made quit the game I was like I remember now.
This had to be one of the hardest and annoying boss battles ever due to a combination of  lots of annoying enemies  and weird controls what leave you defend less.

Seriously the FPS (First person mode) mode of the game should just be Samus bending over and asking the politely the enemies
"Please don't spank me ".

And of course, if you're not paying attention the monster will frak you up.

I never used the mode because of this. I only used when absolutely had too or during the freaking scan sections.

After a lot of tries i finally managed to beat the mini metroids.
The only thing left was the Mother Metroid. And she was relatively easy the only complaint are that you need to use power bombs in order to beat her when you're in her stomach.Geez i wish that i knew that or that i had that item.
And next we have the final portion of the game with one of the most hardest monsters in the game that you have to face in FPS mode. Jesus I'm starting to miss QETs sure that would have been awkward at the end to do, but it would have been better than this.
Also keep in mind that i barely used the FPS mode in the game,maybe that's the reason.

But you can apparently end the battle sooner if you can manage to point your gun at Melissa.

May I remind you that you need to this when you're attacked by 3 freaking monsters in FPS and they will kick your ass if you don't make them to back off.

He kinda reminds of War Machine
Also, Melissa's spot that you need to aim at is blocked by monsters did I mention that they move really fast. Good Luck.

If you manage to do that you're treated to a , i have to admit that the cutscenes look amazing ,cutscene where the plot gets resolved.

Madeline shots Melissa and the monsters stop attacking and for good measure Melissa gets shot even more by some marines.

Then the colonel of the marines comes congratulates Samus on her mission, but tells her basically to frak-off.

In a manner that had to be intentional from the creators.
I mean they had to know that the Restrictions put on her power-ups would piss people, heck he even says "restrain yourself" at some point.

But Anthony returns and I guess that his mission came from a higher authority because he leaves on Samus's ship with Madeline.

So the game is over i can put it the bookshelf ,i can say that i finished and never touch it again probably.
Not the ending of Other M but Metroid tradition.
But that's not the end now is it, no after the unskippable credits there another mission.
Will this nightmare never end.And i believe that you know what i think about this final mission.

Okay the levels are filled with above mentioned super monster witch get waken up by you using the super bomb that the game forces you to use in order to move on.
And the final boss of the game that i know of is this thing.
Which I never reached because of the bad map. 2d maps for 3d levels don't mix very well together, especially since the main section can be stacked on top of each other.So can move towards the objective in sector 1 only realize that you're in the correct location but in the wrong level.

Or maybe I'm just retarded when it comes to maps and i need a giant arrow that says this way dumb dumb.
Anyway, long story short, I fell into another sector and i can't get out because the doors are sealed.
Basically, I broke the game :).
To solve this issue and to see the final boss ,I closed the game and went to Youtube and saw the fight there.
I can finally say that i finished Metroid Other M and if you disagree, you're welcome to get me out of the Frozen sector.

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