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Star Wars The Force Awakens (2015) 1st Impressions


If you're wondering why there's no video for this awesome movie, well, I got the flu and my throat freaking hurts and i don't want to force it too much with recording.

Spoiler free version:

Star Wars The Force Awakens is was pretty  amazing a bit fan wanking at times but still amazing and great.
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*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

**Spoilers bellow**

Like Star Wars EP IV A New Hope the final act involves a bigger Death Star.

1st of all I was right about some things like Kylo Ren identity and Han Solo's death.

Rey is full of mystery, but there's still no connection between her and Kylo. What was a pleasant surprise was that Rey is the Jedi not Fin despite the fact that we've seen Fin with the ligthsaber.

Speaking of the Lightsaber the new one was pretty sweet to see in action and used well in combat.
Those are bits are dangerous if you're not careful. 

Also, Captain Phasma is woman that's obvious due to the shining armor, but we don't get to see her face because she isn't unmasked in the movie and she was looked intimidating but in the end she was kinda usless

The Rebellion being so weak and underprepared is kinda weird since the Republic has been reinstated, but I get it keep the underdog feeling.

They are called the Resistance now, but Rebelion or Resistance of what the Empire is gone now at least weaken and banished to the outer rim.

The central systems are free and democratic.

You guys should be the new Republic army and well armed and well prepared. 

Maybe in the next since the 1st did use the new, or rather old weapon the Star Killer.

The Star Killer is the a new Death Star and yes, it is bigger and better destroying several planets at once.
Since we are on the subject of space battles.

The space battle between the X-Wings and Tie fighters are amazing and you should definitely see then in 3D or higher if possible.

Poe Dameron is one badass X-Wing pilot i wish that the Rogue One movie will be about him why because he is that awesome.

Luke Skywalker not being in the trailer was kind accurate. He's barely in the movie only, in visions and at the end where Rey needs to climb a stairway in order to reach him like in a fairy tale.

His leaving was stupid same with the "last Jedi" stuff, but maybe he had a good reason. 

Also the scene with Rey and Luke with the lightsaber is like getting him the baton.

**Final Thoughts**

Overall a pretty awesome movie,amazing acting,awesome characters and a pretty wild plot that takes you places.
Sorry if this was too short but i'm kinda at the moments and i need to rest
-Final Score:4.8/5
Some really minor complaints, but overall pretty great.

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