Saturday, 31 December 2016


Damn this year was crazy.

So many things happened this year that in fact i won't be doing a full blog post about them.

But the majority of those things where stupid political stuff (or backlash for other stupid things) for witch i have little to no interest in.

Like I said a few sentences ago I won't be doing a retrospective of the at this time .

Instead I've created a playlist with some of the stuff that happened in 2016.
It's mostly Geek related stuff with little or no things regarding politics since you know those things sucked.
Oh yeah none of videos on there are mine, the videos are from people that I watch and like (witch a few exceptions where I need to fill a category)

Maybe I've included one thing that is political since that could ruin the internet (ICANN) more than you know who.

So sit back relax and enjoy the list and I will see you guys and gals in 2017.

PS:I know I haven't posted a lot of things in the last period I plan to remedy that in 2017
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