Thursday, 26 May 2016

RIP My Youtube Channel (2015-2016) #WTFU

The title is a bit misleading the channel isn't technically dead yet but once you get a strike on Youtube you will surely get another 2 for content that was "safe" and "protected before" under fair use.

Heck, I have 2 other reviews that got hit maybe ,those could be the next 2 strikes that kill the channel.
It will happen you will have to tell me if it's still up I won't log into Youtube ever again (it might log in just to troll the company more on that later).

So yeah I won't the posting to Youtube anymore which I flat out told them on Twitter but they don't care.
If i had a bigger they would have cared image if this was coming from someone big on Youtube in the next second they would have been panicking and rushing to towards him to "help" (exactly what you're thinking I'm pissed off but I'm trying to be civilized ).
 Click Here to see the Video
I still can't believe that a 10-minute video got take down because I used a muted clip from an anime that lasted almost 48 seconds I've timed it.
Maybe it was because the clip was unedited but it's 48 seconds long .
Initially, I used to think that companies need to protect their stuff but now (I'm pissed off)
frak their profits (the most important thing to their soulless existence ) and their rights they have too many and they'are too big.
And to piss on them, so here are 2 links where you can watch series that got me the copyright strike for free:
The sites are safe I've tested them for bad stuff.

I might post another Youtube with half of the clip that got me the strike and with the link.
So that way they can see what I did.
I've had this idea of trolling companies for long a time and plus it will teach them a lesson (hopefully) if you can't respect our fair use deal with actual stuff that you can't get rid off jackass.
But in order to do that, I have to take the horrible copyright school wich is so bad and full of lies and misinformation that I don't have enough time to explain.

But I don't have to Mister Enter did a video on it in his series take a look.

BTW Youtube has this much power over us because we enable it.
We can complain all day but if we still return to Youtube at the end of the day Youtube wins.
If you still use it the problems won't get solved because it doesn't lose anything.
Stop using it or use it less and you will see how the solutions will come.
We can control Youtube no the other way around.
I know it's hard not posting anything Youtube but we are enabling it to stuck and stagnate.

Break the cycle.

So what are my plans going forward?

I don't know I could try using Dailymotion but the videos won't be shown on my blog for some reason.
Or i could turn my channel into a link fest to other platforms .
Why did you notice this sooner you dumbass ? you might ask.
Well, it looked fine when logged into Dailymotion but when i took the blog for testing (opening a window with no other accounts and extensions open) I saw the issue.

I've contacted Dailymotion hopefully they will have a solution.
In the meantime, I will have to use zippcast or maybe I can embed facebook videos here.
I remember some people complain about the Facebook's freebooting "issue" for those people all I have to say is f**k Youtube.

Right now I'm tired of this shit 2 major platforms have failed in different ways.
Maybe it's time to give up on the whole Youtube/Dailymotion /Blogger stuff.
I have a REAL JOB I don't this headache in my life I hope that I will change my mind.
I had a video planned (Top 10 Facts about Apocalypse) but I don't feel like doing it.

"Copyright encourages creativity" yeah right .

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**CollectorX logging_out**

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