Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan Episode 2 Impression


Where the 1st episode started with a sense of safety and peace with a little bit doom in it.
The second episode starts with everthing in chaos as the Titan come inside the walls and start eating people bulding are set on fire people are running.
And we see how do people react when there safe is heaven is no more and the situation degenerats where it   is everybody for itself and people try do to everything in order to survive .

The Images of a doomed
Free food you guys hurry

Then we see another unique Titan that break down another pair of walls and humanity is pushed down to the final pair.

At the end of the episode we get Eren's motivation 

One thing that i forgot to say last time is that the theme kick-ass
You can watch the episode here

I can’t say anymore without spoiling the entire episode  so wrap-up time
+The animation is great
+The action is great
+Great  charaters moments
+Good human nature inside
-Nothing that I can think of
                         4.9/5 But you have to watch back-to-back with the first episode  for maximum awesomes

BTW Guillermo del Toro  director of Pacific Rim   said the his inspiration for the film was The Colossus ( the picture bellow )
 So yeah i leave you with 6 word awesomeness Pacific Rim /Attack on Titan Crossover
In order to beat Titans we build Titans                                                         
This was made by JustSnake on DA


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